Top Five E3 Announcements We Wanted But Didn't Get

Top Five E3 Announcements We Wanted But Didn’t Get

Every year for E3, gamers go into the conferences with high hopes that their favourite franchises or even a whole new IP will have a spot during the stage show. Sadly, sometimes we don’t get what we want. Despite the hype of everything we’ve seen, a little piece of us are saddened inside that we didn’t hear what we were hoping for. The staff here at The Final Gen have compiled the top five announcements we were hoping for but were sad to see didn’t come up.


The Last Guardian: The game was announced way back in 2009 but was known about as early as 2007. They had originally announced that the game was going to be released on PS3 but then it fell into developmental limbo since then. A rumour circulated that it would be shown at E3, revealing the shift to PS4. That didn’t come to fruition and here we are again with no answers.

Kill Strain” (Syphon Filter reboot): In this game is released in 2007 and it good to play in ps2 with good quality. When the game is played by many players all review is nice with also reboot in ps4 updated in 2014 with new features.

Final Fantasy XV: We haven’t heard much out of Square Enix about this and I’m itching to learn about a release date. Even a smaller window would be fine by me. I just want to know when’s the next time I can run about the Final Fantasy universe. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is holding me down for now but I’d love to continue the story.

Luigi’s Mansion (Wii U): With all of the hype announcements out of the Nintendo Digital Event, I was really hoping to hear something about Luigi’s Mansion for the Wii U. Maybe a port of Dark Moon or a whole new entry in the franchise, but I think it’d be awesome to have a Wii U entry. Maybe using the gamepad as the nozzle for the PolterGust or some other interesting use for it. Just spitballing here, really. I’m sure Nintendo can find an interesting use for the gamepad in a Luigi’s Mansion game on the Wii U.

Samurai Warriors 4: I’m a sucker for senseless beat ‘em ups. However, for some odd reason, I’ve always enjoyed Samurai Warriors more than Dynasty Warriors. I can’t even explain why honestly – they’re more or less the exact same game. But there’s just something about Samurai Warriors that reels me in more. I didn’t even enjoy Sengoku Basara as much as I did Samurai Warriors 1 and 2 (with that awesome board game it had!). I never got the opportunity to play 3 on the Wii but I want to change that with 4 coming to PS3 this October supposedly. It would’ve been nice to get hype about Samurai Warriors 4 alongside Hyrule Warriors.


The Last Guardian: Everyone and their mother wanted to hear something about it. Serious disappoint.

Kingdom Hearts 3: I did not really hear any rumours that this was going to be there but still, would have been sweet. From the little we’ve seen I think we can expect it to be another great Kingdom Hearts experience but with much higher quality visuals and larger environments to explore.

Persona 5: Once again, not expected. But I have been a fan of the series since I first played the original Persona on the PlayStation. It’s always been a real joy to see where this incredibly unique series has gone.

Metroid Prime 4: It would have been a nice surprise considering the last Metroid Prime game was in 2007. Even plausible considering that it has been announced that Rare is working on a Metroid game. Maybe next year!

Fallout 4: After the recent survivor2299 debacle I think it’s safe to say that fans will jump on ANY new fallout information. WTB HYPE TRAIN!

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